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Hey You! Yes you over there, Ever wanted to get FREE Videos? And not pay? EASY! This site contains free videos for everyone to use and enjoy! Feel free to copy the code from any video you would possibly want. We mainly get our videos from which has just been sold to google for loads of money! Our new feature for our site, IS, you can send us your own video! Whether its your own personal home made video or even a embarrasing video clip, Or anything you want! How's that? Simply upload your video, and get the html code, Then send us an email with the code so we can feature your own video clip right here on our site! Thanks again, For coming to our website! - Free Videos Squad

NOTE: We do not put your home made video's html code here on our site.

Sorry We Have Not Completly Finished this bit yet please Be Ready For the Most Biggest Amount Of Wbsites In Your Life!!!!!!

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New Videos,

We are terribly sorry, But videos will be coming soon...
We will get around to finishing/creating the videos page and uploading videos. You probably all think what a dumb site, But when the video page is up, You will probably not want to leave, For further information or any questions please email us at, or you can email me (the video page webmaster) at, or, Thanks for your co opertation to make our site a better place.

Free Videos Squad.

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